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Patagonia Military Advanced Regulator System or MARS Clothing System

In 2004 Patagonia developed a turnkey environmental clothing system called the Military Advanced Regulator System or MARS. Based on their commercial Regulator line, slight modifications were made to designs and the color was changed to Alpha Green. Since its initial inception Patagonia has also added base layers in Coyote.

These articles use the “Level System” for layering just like the PCU (Protective Combat Uniform) and APCU (Advanced Protective Combat Uniform.)

Pararescuemen wearing the 
MARS "Rain Shadow Jacket Level 5" 

Patagonia MARS clothing line. “Alpha Green” color.

Name  Style  Level 

Capilene Silkweight T-shirt Special  Stile # 19011 Level 1 
Capilene Lightweight  Boxer Briefs Stile # ..... Level 1
Capiline Light Weight Crew  Special Style # 19009 Level 1
Capilene Light Weight Bottoms Special Style # 19007 Level 1
R1 Flash Pullover  Special Style # 19012 Level 2
R1 Bottoms Special  Style # 19001 Level 2
R2 Grid Fleece Jacket Style # 19032 Level 3
Houdini Full-Zip Jacket Special
Slingshot Jacket Special
Style # 19040
Style # 19057
Level 4
Level 4
Guide Pants Special  Style # 19020 Level 4
Dimension Jacket Special Style # 19021 Level 5
Mixmaster Pants Special Style # 19014 Level 5
Rain Shadow Jacket Special Style # 19022 Level 6 
Stretch Microburst Pants Special Style # 19023 Level 6
Specter Jacket Special  Style # 19002 Level 6
Spraymaster Jacket Special Style # 19037 Level 6 
Spraymaster Pants Special Style # 19038 Level 6 
Puff-Ball Vest Special Style # 19005 Level 7 
DAS Parka Special Style # 19004 Level 7 
Micro Puff Pants-Special Style # 19018 Level 7

R2 Regulator Fleece Jacket: This is a simple lightweight Polartec Thermal Pro Fleece jacket. It has thinner stretch panels on the sides of the torso. It is not windproof or resistant. This jacket is not as thick or warm as the Mil Issue 300 weight fleece jacket. It is lighter being better suited to a higher level of physical activity. They also pack up smaller than the issued fleece. Has to hand warmer pockets and one zippered chest pocket, and elastic cuffs. No interior pockets. A good lightweight fleece that is not too hot for vigorous outdoor activity. Retail, $139.95

Slingshot Soft Shell Jacket: This is a simple windbreaker type jacket with a tight plain weave. It has a stand up collar, high mounted hand warmer pockets, bicep mounted pockets on both sleeves, (These close with Velcro but mine seem to be a bit too far forward on the sleeve. When items are carried in them rolls forward a lot and get in the way while working.) and a DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish that sheds wind and water somewhat. No interior pockets, no pit zips. A nice light, packable, earthy toned, windbreaker jacket. Retail, $139.95

Dimension Technical Soft Shell Jacket: This is a full featured soft shell jacket. It is a thicker “doby weave,” more robust than the Slingshot Jacket. This jacket has a hood that is frikken huge! No matter the helmet or hearing protection your wearing I bet the hood will still come down far enough to cover your eyes. Most “technical” jackets have large hoods that cover climbing helmets worn with hats. You have to use the shock corded hood take-up strings to keep the hood in its place keeping your vision clear. It has a hood roll-up strap, chest mounted hand warmer pockets, one interior pocket, extended rear hem line, and Velcro cuffs. This is a thicker warmer soft shell jacket. It’ll do a good job of keeping you warm without an insulating layer underneath or hard shell overtop. Since this is a warmer jacket a feature I miss, that I use, and have become used to on my jackets is pit zips. Retail, $249.95

Rain Shadow Hard Shell Jacket: This is a very lightweight rain jacket. Still a storm level garment with a highly breathable inner barrier and a DWR finish. The Rain Shadow is very packable with minimalist details. It has a huge helmet compatible hood and pit zips to help with thermal control. I hate to be clammy in my rain gear. Hand warmer pockets, extended rear hem line, water resistant zippers, and Velcro cuffs. All in all it’s a great lightweight packable storm proof rain jacket. Retail, $168.95

Stretch Micro Burst Pants: Lightweight packable storm proof hard shell rain pants made of the same material as the Rain Shadow Jacket. These come with removable elastic suspenders, twill crampon instep panels, one zippered thigh pocket on the right leg, and reinforced stretch panels on the seat and knees. They also have a partial elastic waist with a two way zipper and full length side leg water resistant zippers covered by a substantial storm flap. Nice lightweight packable storm proof hard shell pants. Retail, $239.95

DAS Parka: This is a heavily insulated parka. It has 6oz Polarguard 3D in the body and 4oz Polarguard 3D insulation in the sleeves. This thing is like wearing a synthetic sleeping bag with sleeve. It has a tightly water resistant, windproof, snag resistant shell with a DWR finish. It has hand warmer pockets, a chest pocket and interior pocket sized for Nalgene Bottle to keep your water from freezing. Of course it has a huge hood with adjustments. This jacket will retain some of its thermal value even when wet. (This is why all of my sleeping bags are synthetic and not down.) I depend on my gear to work wet or dry since natures a mother and I don’t make the weather calls. Elastic cuffs and drawcord waist hem. Retail, $249.95

Micro Puff Pants: Water resistant, windproof synthetic pants that compliment the DAS Parka. These are lightweight, full side zip, DWR finished pants with an elastic and Velcro waist. They have twill reinforced seat and knee patches. Insulation is 2.3oz Polarguard 3D. This is lighter than the parka which is fine for me. My legs never really seem to get cold. My trunk and torso are another story. No suspenders on these though. Kind of wish they had some. Even the minimalist elastic type would be nice. Retail, $149.95

R1 Bottoms Capeline (lvl 1) 19006-984 S/M/L/XL(Ranger Green)
R1 Flash Pullover 10912 S/M/L/XL/XXL (Ranger Green)
R1 Longsleeve Crew 19009-984 S/M/XL/XXL (Black, RG, Coyote)
R1 Medium Ranger Green Bottoms (lvl 2) 19001-984-FM-RG S/XL
R1 T-shirts Capeline (lvl 1) 19006-984 XL/XXL (Coyote Brown)

R5 Mixmaster Pant 19014 28/30/34/36/38 (Ranger Green)
R5 Reg. Guide Pants 19020 (RG) 38

R7 DAS Parka (missed the P/N) S/L/XL/XXL
R7 Micropuff Pants 19018 (RG) S/M/L/XXL

R7 Puffball Vest 19005-984 - XL/XXL

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