Saturday, June 17, 2017

SAS Pouches

Double magazine pouch 8465-99-130-0248
Pouch Ration Escape 8465-99-130-0249
Altimeter Pouch 8465-99130-0250
Sheath Knife 8465-99-130-0251


SAS Pouch
Pocket clasp knife pouch

Sheath Knife - NSN : 8465-99-130-0251 

SAS Pouch
Altimeter Pouch

Altimeter Pouch - NSN : 8465-99130-0250 

SAS Pouch 
Low Drop Ammo Pouch

Double magazine pouch - NSN : 8465-99-130-0248
SAS low drop ammunition pouch, for SLR 20rd or M16/ Armalite 30rd magazines.

SAS Pouch
PLCE Low Riding AR15 / SLR Mag Pouch

These pouches are the more modern version of the old pattern webbing SAS lowriding mag pouches. Same measurements like the standard PLCE mag pouch, no dividers.
Holds either 6x 5.56 Stanag or 4x 7.62 SLR magazines.

SAS Pouch 

The JFAK provides Airmen first aid capability to treat injuries sustained in the line-of-the duy.The JFAK replaces the Individual First Aid Kit 6545-01-528-6546.

SAS Pouch 
Escape - Evasion Ration Pouch

Pouch Ration Escape - NSN : 8465-99-130-0249
A webbing SAS pouch designed for carrying emergency escape items.
Made of olive green webbing with quick release faster ,two suspension loops ,green waterproof lining.


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