Wednesday, March 1, 2017

UKSF PLCE Low Riding AR15 / SLR Mag Pouch

Special Air Sea Service
Lancaster, England

RARE UKSF PLCE "Low Riding AR15/SLR Mag Pouch" made by Special Air Sea Service , Lancaster, England

These pouches are the more modern version of the old pattern webbing SAS lowriding mag pouches. Same measurements like the standard PLCE mag pouch, no dividers.

Holds either 6xAR15 5.56 Stanag or 4x 7.62 SLR magazines.

These pouches could be fixed like standard PLCE pouches, high on the belt or low riding using the additional loop.

Lowriding pouches were made for U.K. special forces because these pouches don't interfere with their heavy long back SF bergens and are generally more convenient and flexible to wear. They can also be worn, like a "stand alone "just belt and magpouch set up etc. .

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