Friday, May 12, 2017

British SAS Pocket clasp knife / multitool Pouch

NSN : 8465-99-130-0251

From Karkeweeb

This was actually a Sheath for a clasp knife, intended to contain a typical, proprietary knife, of what the Army once termed Trade Pattern. Examples such as Victorinox’s famous Swiss Army Knife being one. A length of 2-inch width webbing was folded upwards into a pocket and downwards on the reverse face, to form a belt loop.

Had a “sheath knife” been required, there was an issue “survival knife” in existence, which also made its appearance in S.A.S. Belt Order. This had a relatively heavy blade, of simple form, with a wooden handle. It bore no relation to the pilot’s survival knife, whose sheath was stitched to the flying suits of the R.A.F.. These had bars in the handle sides, which had to be squeezed to release the knife from its inverted position.

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