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Swedish Army Battle Vest - Stridsväst m/2000

Stridsväst 2000 (Sv2k)

Num Name  NSN / M Number 

(1) Stridsväst 2000
Battle Vest 2000
(1) Bälte- stridsväst
Belt Battle Vest 2000

Small :86 cm
Medium :96 cm
Large :106 cm
Extra Large :116 cm
(2) Magasinsficka
Mag Pouch 
(2) Flerbruksficka Stor
Multi Use Pouch Large
(1) Flerbruksficka Liten
Multi Use Pouch Small
(1) Benplatta
Leg Panel 
(1) Ficka för handfängsel
Pocket for handcuffs
(2) Duellficka
Duel Quick Draw Pouch
(1) Karbinhake 50 x 5 mm M1168-127010

(1) Vätskebehållare 1/T
Drinking System 
M 7061-206011-0
(1) Dricksflaska 90 - Canteen
Fodral Dricksflaska 90 - Pouch
M 7061-203011
M 7061-203168
(1) Bärsäck 2000
Duffle Bag 72 Liters
(1) Stridssäck 2000
Backpack 35 Liters

The story of Snail Designs role in Swedish Battle Vests history ...

In the late 90's had so SnigelDesign commissioned by FMV to develop a Innovative combat vest for Defence Forces. It was decided that it would be a vest and a separate belt, breast pockets would be large so that the empty magazine could put in them and that the pockets would be compatible with the pockets of combat belt 304K.

Once this was clear, it was like a tender won by a Swedish company. Unfortunately manufactured pockets with enough seam allowance on the straps, and this meant that the pockets hang loose. Despite this the vest is Used today by Swedish soldiers, both in Sweden and abroad. It has even been delivered to other countries and is used today, for example in Greece.

Along with Vest there is  the Carrying System 2000 

Bärsystem 2000 (Bärsäck 2000 / Stridssäck 2000)
Carrying system 2000

72 Liters Duffle Bag 

Carrying system 2000 also includes a larger 72 liter bärsäck in which the soldier brings the most out of their personal belongings in the field. By having a larger bärsäck has reduced the number personal belongings in a backpack. Earlier when the backpack 35 L used was brought a smaller DUFFEL BAG of about 30 l for changing where most equipment already carried in a backpack. 

35 Liters Backpack

Battle Bag 2000 (SS 2000) is the new modern backpack Sacodra 950 fabric. SS 2000 is the successor to Defense old backpack for the soldier, 'Backpack 35L, K, which has been out of the joints since the 1960s. The idea is that the entire armed forces to replace Backpack 35 L with SS in 2000.

Stridsväst 2000
Battle Vest 2000

One size fits all and can be adjusted on both sides.
On the back there is a handle and opening for a fluid system.

Two Front Zip Pockets.

Bälte- stridsväst
Belt Battle Vest 2000

The belt is available in four sizes, S, M, L, XL. 

Mag Pouch 

Normally assigned to 2 magazine pockets each containing 3 x 5 Ak magazine or 2 Ak 4 magazine. The pocket is an elastic band for a single magazine. On the outside there is also an elastic cord with a lock. The cap has an elastic locking strap can be attached with hook and two push buttons.

Quick Draw Pouch

Defense duel pocket in 2006, a pocket that came with "combat vest 2000". Mounted "upside down" on the shoulders of one could quickly wear out a new magazine
Suitable 1st magazine of the types M4, ak5 etc.
The straps on the back, some wear (see pictures).
Can be attached to vests of Molle type.

Flerbruksficka Stor
Multi Use Pouch Large

Case about 23 x 18 cm of green polyamide with the inside plastic treated for protection against moisture. The cap covers a two-sided zipper plastic. At the rear three vertical straps with Velcro closure and two horizontal strips sewn with intervals such that four sets of loops are formed. Three vent holes in the bottom. Designed to be mounted anywhere on the vest. Two large multi-use pockets are normally included in the equipment for combat vest 2000. Item number M7390-307118-4. 

Flerbruksficka Liten
Multi Use Pouch Small

Much larger version of the magazine pouch meant for all sorts of supplies.
Holds 3 x Ak five magazines, including hand grenades .

Leg Panel

Benplatta makes it possible to attach additional pockets on the thigh. It is attached to the belt and then with two elastic band around the thigh. All the pockets can be attached to the Benplatta.

Ficka för handfängsel
Pocket for handcuffs

Stridsväst SV 2000 Uppgraderingssats

Stridsväst 2000
Stridsväst 2000

Stridsväst 2000 - Sv2000

Stridsväst och stridsbälte
Stridsväst 2000/Komplett M7390-307111

  • Stridsväst 2000
  • Bälte- Stridsväst
  • Magasinsficka x 2
  • Duellficka
  • Lerbruksficka stor (2 st)
  • Flerbruksficka liten
  • Karbinhake (2 st).

Till stridsvästen finns framtaget till-läggsutrustning

  • Benplatta
  • Ficka för Handfängsel.

Stridsväst SV 2000 Uppgraderingssats Sverige

Stridsväst SV 2000 Uppgraderingssats Sverige Original battle worn/ soldier issued Uppgkit SV2000/ 2010 marked in topp class condition, new or as new. + Manual (not pictured) Three Crowns Seal/ Kronmärkt SACCI original EXTREMELY RARE original Swedish Army! 4x Långa Sidospännen Loop 4x Korta Sidospännen Loop 4x Sidospännen Hook 4x Främre spännen (2/ varje) 1x OK Stridsbälte 1x Förvaringspåse

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