Saturday, August 3, 2013

Swedish Army Battle Pack 2000 35L - Stridssäck 2000 ss2000 35L

Battle Pack 2000
Battle Bag 2000/35Liter
Stridssäck 2000
ss2000 35L

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Battle pack 2000 (SS 2000) is a new modern backpack Sacodra 950 fabric. SS 2000 is the successor to the military old backpack for soldier 'Backpack 35L, K', which has been out of the joints since the 1960s. The idea is that the armed forces should replace Backpack 35L with SS 2000.

Weight: ~ 1.3 kg empty
Pack Volume total: 35 l
Pack Volume head pocket: 2.5 liters
Material outer fabric: 100% polyurethane coated polyamide, Sacodra 950 fabric
Miscellaneous: Fed normally with rubber rope on the sides.
Manufacturer: Sacci Backpacks AB

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