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Extreme cold weather sleep system. Spec includes three seam reinforced sewing, brass zipper and teeth for strength and durability, mummy enclosure for added nesting and warmth, quality down interior fill with a removable cotton flannel liner, waterproof stuffsack and arctic hood. With this set you can have 2 down bags that are good for 3 different seasons or even put them together for arctic conditions. With a weight of just 12 pounds, this is realistically packable arctic sleeping bag. Everything here was designed with durability in mind and will withstand very rugged conditions.

Inner & outer sleeping bags; Carry bag - Bed sheet The CF Down Sleeping bag set will keep you cozy at -40*C This set doesn't have a printed Temp Rating. It has stories from CDN Soldiers and Vets that will tell you about -50*C and more.

The system consists of:

Inner bag1x sleeping bag8465-21-842-6079
Bag Protective1x compression bag8465-21-107-4616
Outer bag1x sleeping bag8465-21-842-6078
Hood Sleeping Bag1x Hood 8465-21-842-6081
Liner 1x Liner 8465-21-842-6080

A modular sleep system from the Canadian Armed Forces – in rare new condition; perfect for cold weather adventures. Consisting of five separate components, this kit offers significant protection from extreme cold:

1. Outer bag (NSN 8465-21-842-6078). Nylon with down insulation. Weight: 2.2 kg. Width: 80 cm (shoulder), 50 cm (foot).

2. Inner bag (NSN 8465-21-842-6079). Nylon with down insulation. Weight: 2.2 kg. Width: 75 cm (shoulder), 50 cm (foot).

3. Liner (NSN 8465-21-842-6080). Cotton. Weight: 0.8 kg

4. Hood (NSN 8465-21-842-6081). Nylon outer, cotton inner and synthetic insulation together with Velcro fastenings and elasticated arm loops. Weight: 0.3 kg.

5. Storage sack (NSN 8465-21-107-4616). Water resistant nylon with a draw-code closure. Can be used as an emergency water carrier. Weight: 0.3 kg.

Approximate total weight: 5.8 kg. Packed size: 66 x 37 cm.

The two down sleeping bags , depending on the outside temperature, be plugged into each other , the hood is worn separately . Everyone has a side zipper that goes around about 1/2 length of the sleeping bag . Sleeping bags can be shortened with the sewn on the bottom bands something if they are too long ( is declared into the attached description).

Suitable for people from 180cm - 190cm height 

1. CF issue self-inflating sleeping pad w/valise/inflater.
2. CF issue "Black Betty" air mattress.
3. CF issue Ranger blanket.
4. Gore-Tex bivy bag.
5. CF issue Arctic sleeping bag (outer).
6. CF issue Arctic sleeping bag (inner w/liner).
7. Waterproof compression bag (CF Valise).
8. NATO standard folding cot.

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