Saturday, May 27, 2017

ANSELL Viking 3-Pocket Waterproof Bag Rucksack

Old School Bergen Navy Seal Underway 
Waterproof Large Ruck / Black 

Rucksack/ 3-Pocket Bergen Bag
Article no. 17/ 2003 (109 820 002)

This is a very rare US Navy Seal waterproof Large Rucksack / Pack.
No markings or label other than 'Viking' manufacturers mark on top.
IF you google, ANSELL they are the owners of the 'viking' dry suit equipment.

The Personal Rucksack is made to transport a fairly large volume of equipment easily.

Article no. 17/ 2003 (109 820 002)

PU welded construction. Top zip around MED duty waterproof zipper.

  • 3 front fitted pockets with velcro closure, not waterproof.
  • Side mounted pony cylinder pocket.
  • 50 mm webbing shoulder straps.
  • 2 PU welded side handles.
  • Top mounted oral inflation tube. Inflation valve. Exhaust valve.

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