Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Russian Hemostatic Tourniquet Medplant LCD-01

Турникет Российского производства
Жгут кровоостанавливающий (турникет) ЖК-01-«Медплант»

ТУ 9398-012-52777873-2014

Recently, the Moscow company Medplant began to produce a hemostatic tourniquet called LCD-01.

The tourniquet is a repairing regimen for temporary restoring of the bleeding in case of damage to the arterial vessels of the lower and upper extremities.

Advantages: The tourniquet provides uniform compression, dosed compression and does not damage the skin and tissues.
The design of the harness is simplified as much as possible, it can easily be applied alone with one hand, with minimal physical effort applied;
The time of laying the tourniquet is about 15 seconds;
The overlay time scale is convenient and easily visible in the dark;
The minimum weight and dimensions of the harness allow it to be placed in any individual first aid kit.

Method of application: The free end of the tape is threaded into the buckle and forms a loop for applying it to the limb, the loop is preliminarily tightened on the limbs and fixed with the Velcro fastener (a smooth surface of the tape should be attached to the patient's body). Then, using the lever of a protracted mechanism, the straps are wound on the coil axis and the cable is harnessed until the bleeding stops completely. Time is set on the timeline.

Overall dimensions, mm 920х50
Overall dimensions in the folded form, mm 50х45х120
Weight, kg 0,1

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