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Russian Hemostatic Agent Hemostop

Hemostopist Hemostop
Кровоостанавливающее средство Гемостоп

Hemostatic agent Hemostop The drug is designed to stop external bleeding of varying intensity, including damage to large venous and arterial vessels.

Hemostop - hemostatic agent, which is one of the new achievements of domestic pharmacology. The tool is primarily aimed at use in emergency and military medicine.

Hemostop pozvolyaet stop external bleeding of varying degrees of intensity, including when damaged large venous and arterial vessels. The product is effective for extensive wounds (scalped, chopped, torn, gunshot), and, most importantly, for neck, axillary, groin, and buttock injuries, i. Those areas where the use of harnesses does not stop bleeding.

The agent is a beige colorless granular polydisperse powder. Sterilization is carried out by the radiation method. The powder is packed in a sealed foil-paper bag.

Unlike similar gel means, it can be transported in the temperature range from minus 40 to plus 50 degrees. C, which is especially important for its use in the climatic conditions of Russia.

In its composition, the preparation is a derivative of NaCaAX zeolite, which has a high adsorption capacity. Hemostatic effect is based on rapid moisture absorption. Upon contact with blood, a large volume of water is selectively absorbed with respect to the mass and volume of the preparation, which leads to a local concentration of cellular and major protein components of the blood (including clotting factors). This, in turn, induces the formation of blood convolution.

In addition, the surface potential of the zeolite contributes to the activation of the XII clotting factor and platelets. The agent also contains calcium, which is a cofactor in many parts of the coagulation cascade.

When used, the powder easily fills the wound cavity, is not fixed to the tissues, is not absorbed, after application it is easily removed mechanically. Has no contraindications to use.


Storage temperature - from minus 40 to plus 50 degrees. With a relative humidity of air no more than 98%.

The packing size is 105x140 mm.
Package weight - 60 gr.
Shelf life - 3 years.

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