Saturday, November 12, 2016

Spanish Army IFAK - BIC (botiquín individual de combate)

Nuevo botiquin ejercito español (2010)

New  BIC (botiquín individual de combate) (individual combat kit), of the Spanish armed forces in combat zone outside Spanish territory.

It contains everything necessary for the cure of rapid intervention by firearms in hostile territory.

Versatile, suitable for use with anti-fracturing vest
Compact, light weight and size
To be used by non-medical personnel
Immediate use in cases of arterial and venous hemorrhage
In line with the gold hour doctrine for hostile situations

Item Description NSN / NOC

IFAK Pouch Bolsa contenedor Type 2010

Celox Dressing Venda hemostática CELOX Z-Fold.
Burn Dressing Envase de WaterJel
Germ Protection Spray Spray individual MyClyns.
Spray Autoprotector

Nitrile Gloves  Dos pares de guantes de nitrilo negros.
Chest Seal Parche oclusivo para neumotórax.
Trauma shears  (Small) Tijeras corta ropa.
CAT  (Spanish) Torniquete militar
Compressor Emergencias

Protector para el boca-boca.

Israeli Pressure Bandage Vendaje de emergencia oclusivo. 4 Inch
FirstCare tipo israelí

Celox A Applicator Aplicador con agente hemostatico
6g Hemostatic Granules

Space Blanket  Manta súper aislante.
Manta Isotermica

Combat Casualty Card Fichas guia de actuacion
Burn Jel Packets Gel Antiquemaduras

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