Saturday, September 10, 2016

S.O. Tech MACH Medical Assault Chest Harness

Harness Chest Medic 

NSN: 6545-01-528-9041, MACHS-OD
NSN: 6545-01-528-9044, MACHS-CB

The MACHS, also known as the Special Forces Medical Sergeant/SOF Combat Medic/Combat Lifesaver Medical Assault Harness


  • Equipped with two SOF-IMAP-PI
  • Built on the Hellcat Mark 2 Chest Rig
  • 2 Standard General Purpose Utility Pouches
  • 6 Rifle magazine slots are located in the chest rig panel
  • Front of the harness features a Center Split design for rapid access by medics without ditching all the gear that causes a secondary load for extraction
  • The split was designed with a Velcro™ overlap to keep the maximum number of MOLLE slots in play
  • Attachment is achieved by three snaps and two-inch Velcro™ anchored at the top by a one-inch side lock buckle and at the bottom by a low profile Velcro™ snap tab forming a secure closure.
  • Mounted on the rear of the shoulder harness is a large pouch that accepts all standard hydration units
  • Removable bib is sold separately.
  • Rig is fully adjustable to fit most body types.
  • Once sized cut excess webbing off and burn edges to prevent fraying
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Compliant
  • Product Code: MACHS

NSN: 6545-01-528-9041, MACHS-OD
NSN: 6545-01-528-9044, MACHS-CB

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