Friday, September 2, 2016

Back from the Battlefield Patagonia PCU Level 5 Soft Shell Jacket

 Back from the Battlefield


The Level 5 Jacket is the heart of the PCU system and is manufactured by ReadyOne Industries, Inc. for Patagonia.It is a versatile lightweight garment used in the Special Operation Forces (SOF) seven layer Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) system. The items are made from an encapsulated micro fiber fabric that is breathable and water repellant and windproof making it an excellent candidate for a variety of conditions. This is a Generation II and is no longer being made,A very attractive ‘Alpha Green’ – which is more on the light grey/grey side.


Jacket comes in preowned condition. Jacket has on the right front arm, front and back part of neck. Has a small hole on front of jacket. . We have pointed out the areas covered in bleach and pant.


Two large front pockets accessed by vertical zippers
Attached hood
Water resistant, self sealing zippers eliminate the need for overlapping zipper flaps
Upper arm pockets with velcro patches
Velcro and zippered sides
Two (2) vertical zipper closures with mesh pockets inside
Two (2) velcro pockets on each arm
Adjustable cuff with Velcro attachment

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