Sunday, June 26, 2016

Norwegian Army EOD Backpack Desert Camo

EOD-Sack ørken kamo
NSN : 1385-25-152-4599
Date : 14 Mar 2007


This bag is designed for use by and for EOD personnel.
The backpack is relatively large, HxWxD = 52x33x18 cm main.
In addition, side pockets.

The main room, which opens with a zipper all around, is covered with Velcro on the backplane and front plate. On these can be mounted numerous accompanying larger and smaller pockets that contain exactly what the user at any time need.
4 side pockets, 2 of which are fixed pockets for your rods and / or proddeverktøy and 2 are removable.
1 large front pocket, designed for stationery and papers.
Pockets fixed on the carrying straps, with ample space for example, mobile phone ...

A foldable folder for small tools (you know, all the parts that never is where you let the last!) And a waist belt that can hides behind a flap when you have no use for it.
And not least, a sturdy carrying handle on top that lets you do not have to fumble for carrying straps if you suddenly have to put in march.

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