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Eagle Industries MLCS Marittime Load Carriage System 2004

Eagle Industries Marittime Load Carriage System 2004  

Num Description
2 (ea) 40mm DoubleGrenade Pouch     40MM-2-MS
2 (ea)  40mm Triple Grenade Pouch        40MM-3-MS
4 (ea)  M60 Ammunition Pouch (100rd)  AP-M60-MS
2 (ea)  SAW Ammo Pouch (200rd)            AP-SAW-MS
1 (ea)  Shotgun Shell 12 Pouch                  AP-SG/12-MS
1 (ea)  Shotgun Shell 24 Pouch                  AP-SG/24-MS
4 (ea)  One Quart Canteen Pouch            CTP-1L-MS
4 (ea)  Single FragGrenade Pouch           FGC-1-MS
2 (ea)  Double Frag Grenade Pouch         FGC-2-MS
1 (ea)  Gas Mask Carrier                GMC-MS
1 (ea)  Buttpack                GP-BP-MS
1 (ea) H-Gear H-Harness              HG-VS-MS
1 (ea)  High Ride Holster SIG 226              HRH-226-MS
1 (ea)  Knife Sheath        KCS-MS
2 (ea)  Single Point Leg Panel     LP-MS
1 (ea)  Light Carrier         MC-IC
1 (ea)  Medical First Aid Kit Pouch           MEDP-MS
1 (ea)  M14/SR25 Triple Mag Pouch          ( Triple AK ) MP1-M14/3-MS
2 (ea) 
M4 Single Mag Pouch       MP1-M4/2-MS
2 (ea)  M9 Single Mag Pouch       MP1-M9/1-MS
2 (ea)  M9 Single MagPouch Ext               MP1-M9/EXT1-MS
2 (ea)  M9 Single Mag Pouch FB                MP1-M9/FB1-MS
2 (ea)
M14/SR25 Double Mag Pouch     
2 (ea)  M4 Double Mag Pouch    MP2-M4/2-MS
1 (ea)  M9 Double Mag Pouch    MP2-M9/1-MS
1 (ea)  M9 Double Mag Pouch FB              MP2-M9/FB1-MS
2 (ea)  M4 Triple Mag Pouch       MP3-M4/2-MS
2 (ea)  Pop Flare Pouch Down    PFC/D-1-MS
2 (ea)  Pop Flare Pouch Up          PFC/U-1-MS
3 (ea)  MBITR Radio Pouch           RP-MBITR-MS
1 (ea)  Rhodesian Reconnaissance Vest                RRS-V-MS
4 (ea)  Single Smoke Grenade Pouch      SGC-1-MS
2 (ea)  Shoulder Pad       SP-MS
1 (ea)  Utility Pouch        (Horizontal Utility) UT-935-MS
1 (ea)  Compass Pouch Admin w/light  MBSS
1 (ea)  Map Pouch Admin w/o light         MBSS
1 (ea)  MAP Pack  MBSS                 MAP-MS
1 (ea)  MLCS Kit Bag   -
2 (ea)  MP5 Triple Mag Pouch    -


MLCS (Maritime Load Carrying System): was issued to Seals until it was phased out for AOR1 and AOR2 kit.

Mlcs GPS / SR25 Pouch Ultra Rare Eagle Industries Dglcs Nsw Devgru Seals Aor

HR-M1911 Holster MLCS 
Gas Mask Utility Pouch

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