Saturday, April 9, 2016

London Bridge Trading LBT-1562B Jumpable Training Medical Pack (Wunded Warriors)

LBT-1562B Medical Training Jumpable Backpack
LBT-1562B Jumpable Medical Pack

Rodthegr8 Wrote this on Ebay

Ok, great story here. I got this from a charity garage sale for wounded warriors. There was a lot of good stuff there but this dirty pack caught my eye. I asked the gentleman what's the story on the pack. He said she's rough but tough. He told me it has seen a lot of action. He picked it up, turned it over and showed me the shoulder strap. The strap has a chunk out of it with charing on the nylon. Then he lifted up his sleeve and showed me massive scaring on his shoulder. He said he was hit by shrapnel from an IED. Now he's 80% deaf in his left ear. I handed the guy $500 and said I was donating to him. I don't want the bag but I had to buy it.

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