Friday, November 13, 2015

The Mystery Ranch Big D's Special Blend (BDSB)

The Mystery Ranch Big D's Special Blend (BDSB) backpack is no longer available from Mystery Ranch.

About the Product

Large volume size at 7400 Cubic Inches
Day Pack Lid
Classic top loading design
Made entirely in the U.S.A.
Speed-Zip sleeping bag compartment

The BDSB is a top-loading, internal frame expedition backpack. Its main compartment is loaded from the top and has an apron that is cinched at the top with a toggle. This can be one very large compartment or separated into two. There is a zipper at the bottom for separately loading a sleeping bag into the lower section. Compression straps can be used easily to flatten the lower section when it's not needed. 

On the back are two large vertical pockets with side zippers for stuff needed in a hurry. A top section with two zippered compartments (900 ci, 15 l total storage space) serves as the "lid." This can be detached for use as a day pack. Just in case 7400 ci isn't enough space, the BDSB has straps on the each side and at the bottom for attaching extra gear outside the pack. There are five daisy chain loops between the vertical pockets in the back, and two larger loops just below the pockets. 

The compression straps allow cinching up loads in the main and sleeping bag compartments for stability. The BDSB has several features not found on DD packs. One of which is the stretch pocket on each side of the pack. A pocket on the frame inside the main compartment provides a perfect fit for a 100 oz Camelbak bladder. But it is in the pack structure that Mystery Ranch has made the most functional improvements. The pack has a plastic frame supported by two fiberglass rods for shape and rigidity, and a connected but separately adjustable shoulder yoke. 

The yoke can be easily raised or lowered for a personal fit without simultaneously moving the pack frame. MR includes a plastic sheet with printed directions on how to do this. The hip belt "wrap" that connects the yoke and frame extends across the back to distribute the pressure of the load across the waist.

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