Friday, November 27, 2015

Russian Army Four Seasons Basic Clothing (VKBO) Layer 1 Lightweight Underwear Long

Officially it is called the Four Seasons set of basic clothing (VKBO), but unofficially because of the many layers - "Cabbage".

Four Seasons set of basic clothing (VKBO)
Всесезонный комплект базового обмундирования (ВКБО)

белье нательное  облегченное длинное 

Kit consists of long pants and sweatshirts. Sweatshirt with a round neck, elongated back and long sleeves. At the bottom of the sleeve - the hole for the thumb for ease of dressing the upper layers of clothing. Pants adjoining silhouette with double gusset - codpiece. 

The times are laid elastic tapes. Recommended to wear directly on the body. 
Production of BTX-group

Description of Item

The undershirt has a crew neck, a contoured long tail in the back, and long sleeves with thumb holes to aid in donning multiple layers of clothing over the undergarment.

The drawers have an elastic waistband and access fly.
Flat-locked seams and cover-stitched hems have been added to reduce chaffing and increase comfort during movement.

Flat seams prevent irritation to the skin.
Soft elastic in the waist
Extended back
Bi-component polyester fiber structure allows you to quickly remove moisture from the body, evenly distributed over the surface of the web, providing quick drying

Composition: 100% polyester
Surface density: 125 ± 6 g / m2
Product Weight: 281 grams


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