Saturday, November 21, 2015

READYONE INDUSTRIES, INC. Jacket, soft shell,level5,(Size) green,(pcu) Size Chart

Gen II Soft Shell Level 5 


Item Description: Extreme Cold Weather Jacket
Part name assigned by controlling agency - Jacket, soft shell, level5,(Size) green,(pcu)

Definition : A jacket designed primarily for protection at mean monthly temperatures below plus 14 degrees fahrenheit (minus 10 degrees celsius). it usually is furnished with a removable lining.

Special features : Versatile; lightweight; breathable; stretchable; water repellant; has water resistant zippers; 2 slanted front pockets; arm pockets; and oversized adjustable and stowable hood; articulated elbows and unique shoulder design for full range of motion, full zip style front

Part Number  NSN  Size / Color NIIN Asgmn
8415-00-NSH-1590 8415-01-543-5023 XXXL-Long / Green 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1676 8415-01-543-5026 XXL 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1589 8415-01-543-5027 XXXL
8415-00-NSH-1588 8415-01-543-5028 XXL-Long
8415-00-NSH-1582 8415-01-543-5030 Medium
8415-00-NSH-1584 8415-01-543-5031 Large-Long
8415-00-NSH-1684 8415-01-543-5032 Med-Long
8415-00-NSH-1581 8415-01-543-5033 Small
8415-00-NSH-1585 8415-01-543-5034 XL
8415-00-NSH-1586 8415-01-543-5036 XL-Long 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1587 8415-01-543-5038 XS 09/14/06
8415-00-NSH-1583 8415-01-543-5040 Large  09/14/06

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