Friday, November 13, 2015

Patagonia Level 3 Alpha Jacket, Color Alpha Green,

Level 3 Jacket 19213 - ALP

Patagonia Level 3 Alpha Jacket, Color Alpha Green
Size Large-Regular

Product Description

It’s cold and it is about to get intense. Are your layers your limitation? Outfit with confidence.

Due to its tailored lightweight design and the 3Alpha’s ability to breath, removing and replacing your kit during an operation to stay comfortable is no longer a factor. Made in collaboration with Polartec® and USSOCOM, Alpha™ is a revolutionary fill that provides superior insulation without the bulk, and dries two times faster than the competition. With its wind resistant fabric and ability to be packability, the 3A jacket makes the perfect piece of gear when deployed in dynamic and ever changing environments. This product is made in the USA and is 100% Berry Amendment compliant.

• Warmth without weight
• Wind resistant
• Breathable
• Durable
• Compressible for packing
• Dries quickly
• Machine washable

Lightweight, packable, wind resistant fabric is also breathable, allowing the user to stay comfortable during both static and aerobic conditions. Built in collaboration with Polartec, this low loft garment includes a revolutionary NEW fill technology Polartec Alpha that offers a combination of lightweight warmth and true breathability. Designed to be worn under your LBE with access to chest pockets. Hand warmer front pockets, machine washable, insulated even when wet and dries quicker to minimize heat loss.

Polartec and Patagonia Collaborate to Provide Breakthrough Fabric Technology to Every Special Forces Operator

January 8, 2013 – (Lawrence, Mass.) – Polartec, the developer, manufacturer, and marketer of Polartec performance fabrics, has worked closely with the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) to develop Polartec®Alpha, a new synthetic insulation technology that creates the first-ever breathable “puffy” garments for active warmth. The Special Forces are the first adopters of this breakthrough fabric technology and are presently fielding Polartec Alpha jackets designed by Patagonia to all SOF operators.

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