Saturday, August 29, 2015

WW2 3rd Pattern USMC Canteen Cover, Cup, Canteen

An excellent example of a WW2  Marine Corps 3rd Pattern canteen cover, and included in this set are the canteen and canteen cup! This canteen cover is the 3rd pattern, early war USMC designed cover. It features a belt hook placed midway up on the cover, lift the dot style snaps on the sides, and the dog ear flap design on the front. The cover is in great shape, with the snaps working fine, no tears or holes, and the web belt wire is great, with no bends or breaks. Both are marked from WW2, the cup is marked: U.S. T.A.C.O. Co. 1945, and the canteen is marked: U.S. Vollrath 1944.

Thanks to : tylerjamest 

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