Thursday, June 4, 2015

Webbingbabel FAQ



Our Collection

Discover Webbingbabel , our online collections catalogue, was launched in 2012 to provide online access to records from all our collections departments; museum, library, archive and RSC performances. As our collection is constantly growing, we are continually updating the catalogue to ensure we can provide the most accurate information possible with more records and images being uploaded each week. While we continue to develop our database, we have a number of subject specific databases available here to assist you with your search.
We have approximately 3,000 items across all of our collections, so if you are unable to find what you are looking for on Webbingbabel, do get in touch via the 'Contact us' page on top page.
We try to operate in a digital world and share our knowledge with researchers and the public.

I’m interested in an item in your online collection, but there is not much information about it, or it lacks an image. Can you provide more information?

We are working hard to add more complete data about our collections, but the reality is that we have a long way to go. Many records only have minimal information. For specific research questions you are welcome to use the comment form at the bottom of collection pages; though we cannot promise a response to all inquiries, they will be forwarded to the curatorial department.

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