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MOLLE Medic Bag - Mike Bag Components

MOLLE Medic Bag
Mike Bag

The Army and the Marine Corps developed a replacement for the Unit One, called the "MOLLE Medic Bag." and is often referred to as the "Mike Bag"

The MOLLE Medic Bag system consists of a backpack, with a right and left detachable internal pockets, an IV Bandoleer, and 8 external pouches. Four of the pouches can attach to the backpack and 4 attach to the MOLLE vest.

The three great challenges of the MOLLE Medic Bag are:

Increased Capacity - When configured for the full 1576 cubic inches, the MOLLE Medic Bag weighs about 27 pounds. This can limit the mobility and endurance of the corpsman/medic, particularly in hot weather.

Increased Capability - Not all standard medical supplies are appropriate for all levels of corpsmen and medics.
Increased Flexibility - Command guidance is necessary prior to each mission to assure appropriate bag configuration and quantities of medical supplies.

While there are nearly limitless ways of configuring the MOLLE Medic Bag, one standard configuration involves identifying three basic mission profiles: LIGHT, MEDIUM, AND HEAVY.

LIGHT MISSIONS (Vest Pouches Only)
1-3 days duration
Light or no casualties expected
MEDEVAC readily available with fast response
Resupply readily available
Lightest Load (about 8 pounds)
Greatest Mobility
Modest Medical Capability

MEDIUM MISSIONS (Vest Pouches, Back Pack)
4-14 days duration
Up to moderate casualties expected
MEDEVAC availability more limited
Resupply more limited
Medium Load (about 18 pounds)
Moderate Mobility
Moderate Medical Capability (IV's, Diagnostics)

HEAVY MISSIONS (Vest Pouches, Back Pack, Bag Pouches, IV Bandoleer)
>14 days duration
Up to heavy casualties expected
MEDEVAC availability limited or periodically unavailable
Resupply limited or unpredictable
Heavy Load (about 26 pounds)
Least Mobility
Greatest Medical Capability (IV's, Diagnostics, Quantity of supplies)

Molle Medic Bag Components 

Contents :

Massive Hemorrhagie

  • Dressing First Aid Field Camoflage 4"WX6.250-7 250" LG Absorbent Pleated
  • Bandage Elastic Coban Brown 3"X5YD
  • Bandage Muslin Compress Camouflage 37"X37"X52"
  • Dressing First Aid Field Camouflaged 11.5-12"W11.5-12"LG
  • Dressing First Aid Field Brown Camouflaged 7.75-8.25"LG 7.25-7.75"W
  • Pad Abdominal 5"X9" Sterile Individual Wrapped
  • Bandage Gauze 6 Ply 4.1YDX4.5" White Individual
  • Wrapped Sterile (Kerlix)
  • Sponge Surgical Cellulose Cotton Gauze 4X4" Sterile Individual Sealed

Airway / Respiration

  • Airway Nasopharyngeal Robertazzi 30FR Oblique Tip
  • Airway Pharyngeal Berman Child Size (80mm)
  • Airway Pharyngeal Berman (100mm)
  • Tube Tracheal Radiopaque Murphy Disposable 7.5MM ID
  • 9.3MM OD 32CM LG
  • Tube Endotracheal Murphy E12 W/Cuff 8.0MM ID
  • 10.7MM Diameter 32CM LG Disposable
  • Stylet Tracheal Tube 7.5-10MM Plastic Sterile Disposable
  • Laryngoscope Set (Includes: Handle, Pouch, (4) AAA Batteries, Miller#3, Macintosh#4 Blades
  • Dressing Chest Wound Seal

Circulation (IV)

  • Ringers Injection Lactated 500ML
  • NaCI Inj. USP 0.9% 500ML Bag
  • Ringers Inj. Lactated USP 1000ML Bag
  • Pad Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnated Nonwoven Cotton/Rayon 1.5-2.6X1.8-2"
  • Intravenous Injection Set 12 Components Nonvented Sterile Disposable
  • Catheter and Needle Unit (I.V) 18ga.X1.25" W/NDL Guard Beveled Tip Disposable (005)
  • Catheter and Needle Unit (I.V) 14ga.X1.25" Beveled Tip Radiopaque W/NDL Guard
  • Syringe Hypodermic GP 10-12 ML Cap Luer Slip W/O NDL Concentric Tip

Hypothermia Prevention

Splinting and Immobilitation

  • Splint Finger Phalange 18X.75" Aluminum Alloy
  • Cervical Collar, Adjustable
  • Tape Adhesive Surgical Porous Woven Rayon 3"X10YDS
  • Bandage Elastic Rolled 4X4.5YDS
  • Splint Structural Aluminum Malleable (Gray) 4.5"X36" "SAM"
  • Treatment Support and Accessories

Personal Protection
  • Gloves Surgeons Gen. Surgical SZ 8 Rubber Prepow. Sterile Disposable

Triage Systems

Field Medical Cards DD-1380 
Pen Ball Point Retractable Medium Pt. Black 
NSN : 7520-00-935-7136 

Diagnostic Equipment

  • Thermometer Clinical Human Rectal Subnormal Low Reading 86-100 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Stethoscope Combination Littman Classic II 28" LG Bell Diaphragm
  • Sphygmomanometer Aneroid 300MM MAX Calibration W/Clip For Cuff
  • Case Sphygmomanometer
  • Thermometer Clinical Human Rectal Fahrenheit Scale Red Tip
  • Basic Field Corpsman ENT Kit W/(4) AAA Batteries
  • Vortec Headlamp, W/(4) AA batteries
  • Red Lens for Vortec Headlamp

Casualty Managment
  • Scissors Bandage 7.25" Angle to HDL 1.5" Cut LG Blunt PTS CRS
  • Tube Drainage Surgical Penrose 12X7/8X 0.011" Amber Rubber
  • Surgical Instrument Set Minor Surgery

Reference - Manual


  • Bag Plastic 4IN X4 IN
  • Skin Cleanser 60PCT Ethyl Alcohol No Rinsing 4 OZ/BT PLAS
  • Chemical Cold Pack Reusable "Dual Ice"
  • Dressing Burn 4X16IN Saturated W/Water Gel Individually Wrapped
  • Bandage Adhesive Flesh 3" X .75" (Bandaids)
  • Ammonia Inhalant Pads
  • Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Capsules USP 50 MG 100 Caps/BT
  • Atropine injection 0.7ML
  • ANA-Guard (Epinephrine Injectable)


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