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WV IV Combat IV Pro Set Catheter Anchoring/Securing Device Kit

IV Protection Set,Catheter
NSN : 6515-01-522-9691
Date : 2004-9-22

Combat IV Pro Set

DOME: Is manufactured from a clear, rigid, medically approved plastic.

Combat IV PRO TIP RADIUS CUT: Allows the catheter/needle to extend beyond the tip without exerting pressure on it.

Combat IV PRO FLEXIBLE WINGS: Promotes maximum flexibility without reducing the retention strength of the attachment tape.

Combat IV PRO VENTILATION HOLES: Strategically placed to encourage the reduction of condensation around the IV Site. Proper ventilation prevents visual obstruction and difficulties caused by moisture build up.

Combat IV PRO INTERFACE GROMMET: When properly snapped in place, secures the IV and inhibits accidental dislocation or stress to the IV site. This aspect is extremely desirable when working with a restless or sleeping patient or while transporting a patient.

In conjunction with Army Special Forces units, WV IV PRO., Inc developed the Combat IV Pro Set.

The heart of the Combat IV Pro Set is the dome which is crafted from medically approved plastic with ventilation holes to prevent the possibility of bacteria.

The grommet snaps onto the IV line, therefore the catheter cannot be dislodged while in transit.

Additionally, the strap based attachment system poses a major advantage over the surgical tape typically used by Combat Medics since sand and other debris will not stick to it.

Kit Includes:

1 - 12" strap.
1 - Dome (Dome 1/8'" height).
2 - Extra straps 14" and 16".

The Combat WV IV Pro eliminates the time spent removing adhesives on patients. The Combat WV IV Pro is used by the Military on patients in sandy, muddy, bloody and wet conditions.

The product also solves the problem of tape that does not stick to certain patients.

Manufactured of a rugged, durable clear plastic, the Combat WV IV Pro is a dome that snaps over the catheter hub or IV setup and is anchored with stretching straps made of foam backed hook and loop material.

The Combat WV IV Pro is a valuable tool for securing to combative patients and those with dirt, blood, diaphoresis, and grime present on the IV site.

Sand does NOT stick to straps.
The IV Pro has two extra straps for use on any part of the body.
This item is a protector,it actually protects the site.It's not just a dressing.
The interface grommet snaps in place on the IV Line and keeps the site secured and prevents accidental dislocation.
The IV Pro has ventilation holes that can prevent moisture build-up which causes bacteria.
The IV Pro does not stick to surgical gloves.
There is no expiration date.
The IV Pro only weighs one ounce. This product can withstand 360 degrees and can stand up to 6 lbs of weight.
The Combat IV Pro Set can be reused. As long as it doesn't come in contact with blood, it can be used elsewhere on the same patient.
Ambulances can start an IV and hospitals can continue using this device on the same patient.
Extra securement straps can also be used to secure splints.
Because of the clear dome the IV site can be easily observed which is not possible when covered by dressings.
Will prevent tape build-up on simulation mannequins. (NEW).
For training purposes the IV Pro can be reused for classes.(NEW).
Latex free.

In 2004 a National Stock
Number was issued for the Combat IV Pro Set, which is being used overseas by
Special Forces.

CCR Registered

NSN : 6515-01-522-9691 Combat IV Pro Set
NSN 6515-01-395-1183
FDA # 3005098956
FDA Owners #


D&B # 171073625
DAPA Listing

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