Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Czech Army FENIX Backpack - Backpack TL98


The world´s only releasable backpack allows warrior to quickly rid of burden in extreme situations such as when under unexpected attack. The backpack can be stripped in under 3 second and reassembled back in approx. 30 seconds. The release system itself is very durable and can be used without limitations; excellent for training and vital in extreme outdoor actions with expectations of high mobility.

Backpack has adjustable frame, two large pouches for long weapons and lots of storage and can be adjusted for jumping if used by paratroopers. It has very simple construction which allows for a very favorable price.

After release, hip belt stays in place which is why vital equipment such as magazine pouches, IFAK and weapon should be secured on it. Both, hip belt and backpack are lined with MOLLE webbing to accommodate any type of compatible equipment.

The FENIX Backpack is the second element of the FENIX Protector. It is designed for long and comfortable wear. The backpack is tested for air dropping. It features a unique jettison system that releases the backpack from a lumbar belt, which remains on the body with a necessary gear. Buckle shoulder straps connecting to jettison are released automatically. The Jettison system is patent protected.


The system ensures the absolutely reliable removal of backpack with a single movement in 2.5 seconds. The backpack is released from the lumbar band, a chest strap opens automatically. The lumbar belt with a necessary equipment stays on the body of user.

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