Sunday, March 16, 2014

U.S. Army Medical Bag, No. 16

Made by C.R. Daniels, Inc. USA Contract # DLA120-91-C-5244

Thanks to : Paddy  that also write this ;

First aid bag with 16 individual numbered pockets which close with Velcro closures. Versatile and flexible for a variety of purposes. Has a broad padded adjustable shoulder strap, carrying handle and three built-in straps on to the bottom to carry a poncho, blanket, pole-less litter, etc.) or whatever you may desire. Bag holds an amazing amount of supplies. The pockets are all labeled 1 through 16 so organization is a piece of cake. The bag is extremely well made according to Government specifications.

I rarely saw these bags in use during my 21 year Army career, but I served with a unit that used them as an ambulance trauma bag. The bag would be filled with items that an ambulance crew could use to assist the combat medic with patient treatment while casualties were being loaded into a Four Litter Ambulance (FLA). Since the bag was so light, it could also be left behind as a resupply bag for the field medic. One National Guard unit I worked with in Iraq used them solely as a resupply bag for the forward medics.

The back of the bag has the unit that this bag used to belong to. I bought this bag from a soldier that got the bag from a free issue lot while deployed to Iraq.

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