Sunday, March 23, 2014

Navy Medicine Authorized Minimal Medical Allowance List (AMMAL)

Authorized Minimal Medical Allowance List (AMMAL)

Department of the Navy
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery


The AMMAL represents the minimum quantity of medical equipment and supplies required to be maintained onboard to perform the medical department’s operational mission as defined in the Required Operational Capability/Projected Operational Environment (ROC/POE).

Defining AMMAL guidance

AMMALs are segregated into functional areas. Some examples include laboratory, medical, and radiology. Although the AMMAL provides a baseline requirement, this does not limit increasing the additional depth of each item or locally carrying non-AMMAL items. Type commander constraints on what medical procedures can be performed in the department as well as the Medical Department’s Operating Target (OPTAR) serve as constraints. The type commander instructions (i.e. COMNAVSURFPAC 6000.1G) provide more detailed guidelines on buying non-AMMAL items. Remember that the AMMAL represents the minimum quantity of supplies required to perform the mission. Whenever the on-hand stock of individual AMMAL items is less than the allowance quantity, immediately reorder replacement stock to bring the on-hand supplies back to the allowance quantity. This practice should ensure that a ship has on-hand or on-order, the full AMMAL allowance at all times. Equipment items should be programmed for replacement under the Shipboard Equipment Replacement Program. This program is managed through each Fleet CINC to ensure that the life cycle of equipment is managed appropriately.

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