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M-3 Combat Lifesavers Bag

Case, Medical Instrument and Supply Set (Empty CLS Bag, Nylon, OD Green)
NSN : 6545-00-912-9870
(January 01, 1962)

MES - Medical Equipment Set - Combat Lifesaver 1999 (CLS Bag, Complete)
NSN : 6545-01-254-9551
(May 13, 1987)

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Each certified CLS is issued a CLS aid bag, with nomenclature "Medical Equipment Set Combat Lifesaver" or MES CLS. The aid bag is secured as a sensitive item (like, for example, weapons or night vision devices) at the unit level. The aid bags are issued to the CLS only upon deployment for training or actual operations.

The so-called "M-3 Combat Lifesavers Bag" is the CLS MES with National Stock Number (NSN) 6545-01-254-9551 for the fully assembled kit, or NSN 6545-00-512-9870 for the carrying bag alone. The nomenclature for the bag is "Case #3" and the size is 10 x 4-1/2 x 18 inches.

As a result of advances in trauma management and feedback from users in the field, the Army updated the combat lifesaver bag in 2005. Due to the number and type of changes made to the components, the CLS MES now has a new NSN 6545-01-532-3674 for the assembly.

The NSN for the new bag in the assemblage is 6545-01-537-0686 (bag only, no contents) and the nomenclature is "Bag, TC3, Combat Casualty Care". To avoid confusion with the previous version, the long nomenclature of this CLS bag is listed as “MES Combat Lifesaver Version 2005.” The components were issued in the old carrying bag (NSN 6545-00-912-9870) until the old stock was depleted and fully replaced in the supply system.

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