Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DDR / NVA Force Protection Mask Bag

TSM-Tragetaschen im Flächentarnmuster

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Carrying cases for force protection mask (TSM) of Soviet origin..TSM carrying bag inside compartments were made ​​in Strichtarnmuster.

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The M58 Flachtarnenmuster pattern was issued between 1956 and 1967 to units in the East German Army (NVA) and Ministry of Interior (MDI). Also known as Kartoffelmuster (potato camouflage) or Blumentarn (flower camouflage), the pattern generally consists of blue-green, olive green & brown ragged blotches on a field grey background. Several mild color variations have been documented, some of which may appear darker due to their having been coated in anti-gas chemicals (which also gave the fabric a waxy texture). Several types of jacket, trousers, field equipment, shelter half and hood/helmet cover were produced in this pattern.

Produced between 1965 and 1968, and in use for several years thereafter, the first type Strichmuster (line pattern) is a very simple pattern incorporating long, slender brown rain straits on a light greyish-green background. The "rain" theme was common with many Warsaw Pact nations (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria) and was probably influenced by WW2 German designs such as Splittermuster and Sumpftarn. This is generally referred to as 1st Type East German strichtarn.

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