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Ready-Heat Disposable Heated Blanket 36"x60"

Blanket, Heating, Disposable, 90 x 90 CM
NSN 6532-01-525-4062
(November 08, 2004)

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Photo Credit : Here 

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The Ready-Heat™ blanket is comprised of three major components, the nonwoven blanket, the heating (chemical) element and the outer translucent polybag. The medical disposable blanket is heated to approximately 40°C (104F) for 8 hours when the blanket is exposed to ambient air. It takes 15-30 minutes to reach operating temperature. The activation occurs when the translucent polybag is opened and the blanket is removed and unfolded.

Nonwoven Blanket
The synthetic blanket material is medical disposable bedding made of nonwoven spunbond consisting of 98% polycapronamide and 2% titanium dioxide. The 100% Nonwoven is 120 grams, blue color with a water resistant finish. The blanket is comprised of customized heating panels which are securely placed in sealed pockets.

Heating Element
Each 20cm x 26cm (per pocket) comprised of a face side non-woven fabric inside polyethylene laminate film needle punched, the chemical ingredients include: iron powder (50-60%), water (15-25%), activated charcoal (5-10%), water vermiculite (1-3%), salt (2-5%), wood powder (2-5%) and water absorptive powder (0.1-1%).

Translucent Polybag
All vacuum packed with a dual layer translucent bag consisting of “KOP” polypropylene film with vinyliden chloride coated material.

6 Panels: 36" x 60"
Full body blanket
Used for shock and hypothermia patients
May be used as a litter for up to 250 lbs
Once seal is broken, the blanket will warm to 104°F/40°C in 15 to 20 minutes
5 year shelf life
Weight: 2.5 lbs

The US ARMY Trauma Combat Casualty Critical Care Handbook states that as many as 66% of trauma patients arrive in emergency departments manifesting some degree of hypothermia. Over 80% of non-surviving patients have had a body temperature of less than 34 degree C. Prevention of mild to moderate hypothermia should be emphasized in military and especially combat operations.

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