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Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit By H&H Medical Corporation

H & H Associates Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

NSN 6515-01-573-0692
(April 06, 2009)

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Product Description

The H & H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit contains the tools needed in emergency situations to perform a cricothyrotomy. An emergency cricothyrotomy is a surgical procedure used to gain prompt access to an otherwise compromised and inaccessible airway. An emergency cricothyrotomy consists of requires basic equipment in the field.

The H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit has everything trauma personnel will need:

Kit Includes:
1 disposable scalpel #10 blade
1 endotracheal tube, 6fr cuffed
1 curved kelly hemostat
1 NEWS tracheal hook
1 10cc syringe

Shelf Life: 5 years

AUDIENCE: Health Professional, Risk Manager, Critical Care
ISSUE: On August 27, 2013, H&H Medical Corporation initiated a nationwide recall of 6,619 units of the H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit. The product has been found to have the potential for a defective cuff balloon on the provided endotracheal airway. The cuff balloon may be defective due to a very particular set of circumstances (a reduction in package density, a higher than average dose of gamma sterilization, and the occasional slippage of a protective silicon sleeve during shipping used to shield the cuff balloon at the end of the endotracheal airway). To date, no injuries or deaths have been reported to H&H or to the FDA.
BACKGROUND: The product lot number can be identified by a lot number and manufacture label applied at the top opening of the kit. The recalled version of the H&H Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit was produced between August 16, 2012 and July 29, 2013.  See firm press release for complete list of lot numbers.

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