Sunday, October 6, 2013


Disposable Supraglottic Airways King Systems Corp

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Product Description

The KING LT-D airway device is a disposable supraglottic airway and is reported to be the safest and most reliable disposable supraglottic airway tool alternative for emergency ventilation when direct laryngoscopy is not feasible or mask ventilation is deemed insufficient. Created as an alternative to tracheal intubation, the KING LT-D is designed for positive pressure ventilation as well as for spontaneously breathing patients, thereby allowing maximum versatility as an airway management tool.

This supraglottic airway features a shorter tube length and S-shape to minimize sore throats and trauma and make it easy to insert in just a few seconds, as well as insertion marks so you know when it has reached the proper depth. This device is features an anatomically shaped distal tip and cuff, which helps pass the airway behind the larynx and into the esophagus.

The KING LT-D consistently achieves a ventilatory seal of 30 cm H2O or higher. It is easy to insert and results in minimal airway trauma. The pliable fabrication of the KING LT-D is engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, is 100% latex free, and is provided sterile for single patient use.

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