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Gamelle individuelle Française modèle 1852

Gamelle individuelle modèle 1852

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The truncated model dates back to 1852, when it was established by Marshal St. Arnaud.

it includes a proper bowl, a plate and a lid, the latter is connected to the bowl by a chain.

It will be partially replaced in 1939 and 1940 models bowls 1935.

The bowl allows the soldier to eat, cook or carry their food.

Adopted in 1852 is a bowl made ​​of tinned iron , with a lid connected by a chain clinging to one of the two loops that allow you to put the bowl on top of the knapsack held by a belt. It was built many variations depending on the time .
In December 1915 (appears in the Official Gazette in 1916 ) included a dish with a removable handle.
The model that I present is in one piece and model of the cavalry as wider and made ​​of tinned iron , it is clear that the dish is smaller than the bowl . The handles are welded , not riveted . The rider or soldier had probably mle 1852 which he added the dish. I miss the handle flat as most times .

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