Friday, September 27, 2013

Soviet Navy - Airborne Folding Shovel 1980 - Лопата ВДВ СССР

Thanks to :  boddoer

Small folding entrenching shovel (MCC)
Made in the USSR.
Hardened steel.
shovel have 3 positions:
Its length with 50 cm
fixed at 90 degrees to the cutting.
As such, it is more convenient to use a shovel for shoveling earth.
Ee length with 70 sm.Ves 1.25 kg.
Blade reinforced three ribs.
Such a shovel while standing armed forces of the USSR Navy, so in common parlance it is called "Spade Navy."
On the blade is stamped: OTC 1986, and the "three trees."

Soviet Army shovel of the soldier.  Length 58cm. Marked 1978, 1-80k. 

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