Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Canadian Army Pattern 37 Water Bottle Carrier

Pattern 37 Water Bottle Carrier with Belt Attachment

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The Canadian Government had a very extensive textile capability; and as a result many items of Pattern 37 Web Equipment were exported. Australia in particular, received vast amounts of Canadian equipment. This carried on until such time as the Australian Government itself began production from 1943 onwards. The Australians produced a carrier, based on the standard Pattern 37 skeleton - however with a wider horizontal strap. This wider brace was fitted with two brass hooks, which provided the ability to fixing the water bottle carrier to the standard Pattern 37 waist belt. In keeping with this, much of the existing stock of water bottle carriers were modified to allow this same capability. This photograph clearly shows the extra web piece with two brass hooks, which facilitate the fixing of the waterbottle carrier to a standard Pattern 37 web belt.

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