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Czechoslovak People's Army (ČSLA) Water Bottle - Láhev polní ČSLA

Czechoslovak People's Army Water Bottle
Láhev polní ČSLA

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From 1954 until 1990, the Army was known as theCzechoslovak People's Army (ČSLA). Although the ČSLA, as formed in 1945, included both Soviet- and British-equipped/trained expatriate troops, the "Western" soldiers had been purged from the ČSLA after 1948 when the communists took power. The ČSLA offered no resistance to the invasion mounted by the Soviets in 1968 in reaction to the "Prague Spring", and was extensively reorganized by the Soviets following the re-imposition of communist rule in Prague.

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Bottle CSLA field with a tin with felt and strap
Flasks 3/4 liter with a tin (aluminum cup, ). 
Bottle field CSLA, weighs 305 grams. Origin army CSLA. Bottle container canteen bottle. Original for conscripts, Czech Army, aluminum, cork, according to the Czechoslovak standards (CSN). Cover the insulation is made of felt, belted genuine leather strap with carabiner for attachment to opasku.Dlouhodobě storage.

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