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Medical Bag No. 3 (Aid Bag) - "Unit One" Combat Medicine Bag

The Medical Instrument Supply Set, also known as a "Unit One" bag, was a 3 compartment bag made of heavy canvas, and after 1968 of rubberised cotton. Nylon bags appeared in the early 1970's

Typical contents would include different sizes of dressings and bandages, an emergency instrument set, blood volume expanders, aspirin and anti-malaria ts

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(Bottom left - Korean War Era) (Top Left - Early Vietnam) (Right - Rubberized m3 dated 1968.)

The Combat Corpsman's Bag

We at Medical Corps are often asked about what would be a good medical bag to carry. If you can find an equivalent bag, we suggest the contents listed below.

For many years, Combat Corpsmen as well as medics have carried the "Unit One" combat medicine bag.

It's their primary source of medical supplies in field environments. For obvious reasons items like the morphine injectors will be hard to come by. It'srelatively lightweight (9 pounds fully loaded), and can be opened without removing it from the shoulder.

Although it comes equipped with standard supplies, these are often modified by individual Combat Corpsmen and medics to meet their tactical situation and personal preferences.

  • Weight 9 pounds
  • Volume: 236 cubic inches
  • Compartments: 4
  • Shoulder Strap: Adjustable

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