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Czech Army Paratrooper First Aid Kit Mod.99

IBV neboli Individuální Balíček Výsadkáře vzor 99

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IBV vz. 99

IBV or individual package paratrooper model 99, a first aid kit for airborne reconnaissance units, developed by the Research and Development Centre of Military Health Hostovice in the late nineties. Manufactures and army IBV vz. 99 supplied by ALP.
This is actually a pouch that can be attached to a belt or backpack with a clip clasp with rychloodepínací fuse, or could also be worn in a backpack, depending on the user. Rychloodepínací buckle for quick removal of pouches clips, clip stays on your belt or backpack. After using the pharmacy pocket again fastened to the clips and can continue. Dimensions of folded pouches are 125 mm x 180 mm x 85 mm.
Pouch is made of nylon camouflage pattern model. 95 in the treatment RIP-STOP. Seams and zippers are colored green, and Fastex buckle fastening strap colors are black. Clips with clip is made of black plastic, and blackened metal wire.
Pouch is fitted from the top flap on a Fastex buckle that a pocket closes. On both sides of the fastener, allowing full opening of the pocket, and thus very good and easy access to the contents of IBV. In the interior pouches is the number of turns and rubber pockets to fit the necessary equipment. Equipment IBV is always stored either in the pocket or poutkách that when you open IBV prevent them from falling out and eventual loss.
IBV is designed for individuals, not for the whole group or a reconnaissance patrol. Pro potřeby reconnaissance patrol group or is no longer needed trained medic with a large pharmacy.

List of subjects in an individual package for paratroopers IBV pattern 99


- Atalargin tbl. 10 pcs
- Augmentin 375 mg tablets. 21 pc
- Auto-injector SULHATE Morphine 10 mg in 1 ml of 1 piece
- Small bandage sterilized package 1 pc
- Dikacit tbl. 50 pcs 1 bag.
- Dithiaden tbl. 2 mg 20 pieces
- FRAMYKOIN plv. ABSP. 5 g 1 pc
- Jodisol 3.6 g (iodine pen) 1 pcs
- KINEDRYL tbl. 10 pcs
- The patch irritating Leukopor 1.25 cm x 9.2 m 1 pc
- Plaster with pillow 6 x 2 cm (rychloobvaz) 5 pcs
- Hydrophobic pressed sterilized bandage 10 cm x 5 m 2 pc
- Emergency tourniquet rubber 4 x 70 cm 1 piece
- Antimicrobial dressing pocket pattern 90 B 1 pc
- Opthalmoseptonex gtt. Ophtha. 10 ml 1 pc
- Ritalim 10 mg tablets 30 pieces
- Drape on breathing from the lungs into the lungs 1 pc
- Drape PVC 20 x 20 cm 1 piece
- List of courses and instruction manual 1 pcs
- Safety pins No. 3 (Black) 1 pc
- Label for a record of the first aid 1 (5) pc
- The outer shell of waterproof fabric mask. Print

1 pc
- Emergency blanket insulation (2,2 x1, 4m) silver-green 1 pc
  This is the basic facilities, each of paratroopers or explorers, however, the content of IBV vz. 99 complements the discretion of eg scalpel, scissors, tweezers, dig. thermometer, spatula, gloves.

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