Thursday, January 31, 2013

Combat IV Pak SKEDCO

Combat IV Pak™SKEDCO
Combat I.V. Pak™ 500cc

ACU Pattern; 500cc fluid capacity
NSN: 6515-01-530-0782
ACU Pattern; 1000cc fluid capacity
NSN: 6515-01-536-2678

NSN: 6515-01-530-0782
NSN: 6515-01-536-2678

The Combat IV Pak™ is a revolutionary development in the employment of Intravenous (IV)/Intraosseous (IO) fluids across the continuum of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) on the modern battlefield. Anytime! Anywhere!

SKEDCOs Extreme Medicine™ TCCC Education, Training, and Product Development Division introduces its break through Combat IV Pak™ designed by the Combat Medic for the Combat Medic. These products provide a durable, economical, lightweight, and versatile means to store, organize, and employ IV/IO fluids in the tactical environment.


Tactical Field Care
Combat CASEVAC Care (Ground/Air)
Ground Ambulance Operations
Air Ambulance Operations
Class VIII Logistical Cross-Loading
Search and Rescue Operations
Special Operations Forces
Tactical Emergency Medical Services
High-Altitude Operations
Cold Weather Operations
Homeland Security
Contingency Stocks

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