Thursday, November 15, 2012

Russian Army Duffel Bag Sidor - Армейский вещмешок Сидор

Russian Army Duffel  Sidor   
Soviet "Veshmeshok" rucksack 
Армейский вещмешок Сидор 
USSR Military Army Bag backpack veshmeshok 
Вещевой мешок  
употребимо вещмешок "сидор"

Photo Credit : Here 

Photo Credit : Here 

Was introduced in the Soviet army in the 40's kitbag godah. served imperial army since the first World War.

Volume - 30l.

Height- 62 cm. ,Width -42 cm.
Material - Cotton

Usually sold in military stores, the cost varies from 250 to 400 rubles.


  1. The 'Veshmeshok', to use the correct name, is characterized both by the ABSENCE of a flap on top; together with the manner by which it is fastened.

    1. Please if you Want write something else so I can post correct info on this Post
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