Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soviet Army Flashlight 60s - Армейский фонарик 60-х годов

Армейский фонарик
Cоветский фонарик 
Soviet Army Flashlight

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Soviet Russian Army signal led flashlight standard 1960 (GOST 1954). It is a very rare item in our time.
The flashlight has a two light filters - green and red, has the managed fastening on a belt and on the button, has two switches, one for permanent light and one for fast light for signals by a morse code. Has a holder for the spare lamp in inside space.
Very simple, reliable and easy to use flashlight, all parts of this flashlight are metal. Was used in Soviet Russian Army still 1980-1990 and was use in Afghanistan conflict.
Come with the spare lamp but without the battery.
Made 1954-1970.

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