Saturday, June 9, 2012

NVA / DDR Feldflasche – East German NVA Canteen

NVA die Nationale Volksarmee der DDR  Feldflasche
Feldflasche Filz

This is still a classic German style bottle, as it has been used for many years for the German military. 
The canteen is an aluminum bottle with screw top and aluminum cup, and was produced in this form in the early days of the army for the army.

Blumentarn / Flachentarn Feldflasche

After the  aluminum water bottle  was introduced plastic bottle. The bottle was modified in shape, got a verse with existing camouflage canteens coat, still in flächentarn, with an aluminum cup, plastic screw, with snap hook.

Strichtarn Feldflashe mit Trinkbecher /  einstrichkeinstrich

As the successor to the Flächentarn canteen  Raindrop  patterns was introduced . The imitation leather with an aluminum can, plastic screw, with snap hook  remained unchanged.


TheThermo  flask was  intended for use in winter, corresponding in size to the normal plastic water bottle with plastic screw cap, has a plastic insulating cover, and an aluminum cup.

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