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M-1967 Modernized Load-Carrying Equipment (MLCE) - Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (LLCE),

 From : Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment TM 10-276, and

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The M-1967 Modernized Load-Carrying Equipment (MLCE), initially termed Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (LLCE) , was developed specifically for use in Southeast Asia. Its issue began in 1968, but never fully replaced the LCE nor was it issued in complete sets.Components of the lightweight load-carring equipment are similar in design to components of standard M-1956 individual load-carring equipment .
Because nylon materials and aluminium hardware are lightweight ,they are used where possible instead of cotton materials and brass or steel hardware .The nylon materials are water resistant ,retain less moisture , snd dry faster .Detail on Description , Fitting and principle of use of components of standard M-1956 individual load carring equioment , which are the same as those for light-weight  load-carring equipment ,exept for differences noted ,are contained in FM 21-15

Nylon's light weight and durable qualities led the United States Army to consider the MLCE for Army-wide adoption. A study was undertaken in the early 1970s to identify any shortcomings and to propose improvements for a new load-carrying equipment system to replace the LCE and MLCE.
The MLCE continued to serve the Army well into the 1970s until replaced by the ALICE.

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