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SPEAR ELCS M203 Option Kit Pouch Woodland

Kit M203 Option SPEAR ELCS Woodland 
NSN : 8465-01-F01-0333

US Army M203 POUCH KIT Woodland Camo

M203 Woodland Camouflage Pouch Kit. 
Kit includes six 
Three Round Pouches (8415-00-NSH-0779) 
and four 
Illumination Round Pouches (8415-00-NSH-0780).

The pouches are attached to platform components utilizing the Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS). This provides a strong secure attachment system and it is the same system used on the SPEAR Backpack System and MOLLE System.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Pouch General Purpose Large 
NSN : 8465-01-F1-0320

South African Defence Force (SADF) 1983 model Chest Rig.

Pouch Breast Ammu Carrying
Patt 83

Pouch breast ammunition Pat.83

NSN : 8465-18-419-2584

South African Defence Force (SADF) 1983 model chest rig.

Label : C&W 

Label : S.A.P:H.I (Pty) Ltd

The South African M83 rig is a robust and versatile chest rig capable of carrying ammunition for multiple weapons platforms. The chest rig is made of very durable 1000 Denier cordura nylon. Its design is simple, incorporating two padded shoulder straps and a non padded waist strap with a quick release buckle. The M83 chest rig is an older design that has been proven in real combat the world over.

The chest rig consists of three centrally located and divided magazine pouches, a small oil can pouch, an individual first aid kit pouch, a utility pouch, a chemlight/tool pouch, and an internal map pouch. These were designed to carry six (6) South African R4 35rd magazines but work great with similar sized mags as well.

The official name of the color is “Nutria,” It is darker than “Coyote,” and lined with black trim. The color was designed to be a good base color so that when the gear got dirty, the dirt and dust would create a great natural camouflage in the savanna.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

British Army 58 Pattern Binocular Pouch


NSN : 1240-99-973-6959

Not present in the 1959 LoC, or Fitting Instructions, the edition of 1965 lists and depicts (rather than illustrates!) additional “officer-type” additions to the Pattern. The 7 x 30 Binocular, prismatic, No. 2 was still a standard issue, so an un-stiffened, padded Case was designed. It was of rectangular cross-section, with none of the curves of the Patt. ’37 and ’44 designs and topped by a box-lid flap, closed by a turn button. The rear face had a pair of “C” hooks for attachment to the Belt, with a small webbing loop on the upper rear face, so that the Case could be threaded on the front straps of the Yoke, above an Ammunition pouch. 

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1964 Dated British Army Issue 58 Pattern Binocular Case/Pouch.

Clear text inside lid reads: 
L.S.M. 1964↑, ↑087, 1240-99-973-6959.

Measures approximately 6 x 6 x 2.5 inches.

British Army Compass Case 1958 Pattern


NSN : 8465-99-973-6960

Introduced with the Binocular case, as its sequential code reveals, this was little different to the Pockets of earlier Patterns, though its box-lid flap was closed by a turn button. It was intended for the Compass, magnetic, marching, Mark 1. Only a single “C” hook was fitted, together with a transverse webbing loop, on the upper rear face, for carriage on a yoke strap.

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British Army SAS Issue Altimeter Pouch 1958 Pattern


NSN : 8465-99-130-0250

The Pouch was of narrow rectangular cross-section, but with a semi-circular base to accommodate the circular altimeter. A large eyelet in the rear wall allowed a lanyard to be threaded through, to guard against loss. A pair of dropped belt loops, in 1-inch webbing, were fitted. Due to the small size of this Pouch, it could only be worn below the belt line.

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Made by :  Martin Wright & Sons / "M.E. Co."


  • Made by :  Martin Wright & Sons / "M.E. Co."
  • Olive green 58 webbing
  • 2 loops will fit a 2inch belt
  • Presstud front
  • Eyelet hole on reverse
  • Size approx 12.5 x 4cm x 8cm

Plat A Tac UK 417 Pouch with Removable Divider Multicam

UK 417 Molle Pouch with Removable Divider

NSN : 8465-66-159-2919

Designed around the requirement for one-handed operation, the UK417 features a rigid, yet moldable flap with a turned up lip and hook and loop closure so that you can use your palm or wrist to open the pouch and grab a magazine in one easy motion. With a removable flap and internal adjustable shock cord retention, the UK417 can easily make the transition into a shingle for urban and CQB style engagements.

Rare item in multicam MTP made by Plat a Tac for SF use


  • Fits up to two HK417 magazines (or equivalent)
  • Rigid flap with turned up lip for one handed operation
  • Flap can be removed to transition the pouch into a double magazine shingle
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Short cord retention enhances magazine security
  • Drainage grommets
  • Made from lightweight and resilient 500 denier Cordura® brand tactical nylon

NSN : 8465-66-159-2479