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All Military Individual Mess Kits

Combination Canteen and Mess Kit
Military Individual Mess KitsMess Kit

Mess tin roestvrij staal KL legerMess Kit
Romanian Army Mass Kit - Gamela Militara
Romanian Army WWII Mess Kit
Estonian Defence Force Soldiers Using Swedish Mess Kits----------( Article ) 

Australian Army Vietnam era Plastic Drinking Cup M.E. 1973Mess Kit
Trioxane Fuel Bar Canteen Cup Field Stove.Mess Kit
US Army Stand Stove for Canteen CupMess Kit
Military Mountain Cook Frying Pan 1967Mess Kit
SADF Army, Shaving Bowl/ "Spoeg Bak"Mess Kit
Bulgarian Army WW2 MESS KITMess Kit
Gamelle individuelle Française modèle 1852
French Army - Quart RéglementaireMess Kit
German Cookware / Messkit model 1870
DDR Mess Kit
Finnish Army Mess Kit................................................... Video
Czech Army Mess KitMess Kit
Vietnam War , Rations Can Made into a Water Cup
Royal Italian Army Mountain Troops Mess Kit
US Army Canteen Cup 1953Mess Kit

Israel Defense Forces Personal Combat Field Plastic PlateMess Kit
Polish Army Mess kit 23/31 - menażka wz. 23/31Mess Kit
Australian Army Water Bottle CupMess Kit
Swedish Army Plastic Cup - SVENSKA ARMÉNS KÅSAMess Kit

Swedish Wildo - Lightweight Military Mess KitMess Kit, Video

Australian Army WW1 Lighthorse Metal CupMess Kit

Red Army M 27 Aluminum mess KitMess Kit

Soviet Army / Russian M 24 Mess tin roundMess Kit


Bulgarian Army Aluminium Mug 70sMess Kit

IDF British Mess Kit , Israel MadeMess Kit

French Army 3 Pieces Mess Kit - Gamelle 3 pièces emboîtables aluminiumMess Kit

Russian Copper Mess kit - Dinnerware 1882Mess Kit

WW2 Hungarian Army Mess Kit / Tin M35 - Csajka M35Mess Kit

WWI Austro-Hungarian Army KuK Mess KitMess Kit

Polish Army Mess Kit mod. 23/31 - menażka wz.23/31Mess Kit

U.S. Army Tin Cup 1874-PatternMess Kit

Finnish Army Mess Kit Field TestMess Kit

Hungarian Army Mess Kit M 65 - 65 M KATONAI CSAJKAMess Kit

Soviet Army VDV Paratrooper Combined Flask Mess Kit - комби.фляга ВДВMess Kit, Video

IDF Army/Navy Mess KitMess Kit

Soviet Army Airborne Mess Kit and Water BottleCanteen, Mess Kit

Spanish American War US Pattern 1874 Tin Mess CupMess Kit

Swedish Army Wildo plastic mess kit - Svenska armén Wildo plastartiklar Camping-a-boxMess Kit

US Army WW 2 Hexamine C Ration Heating TabletsMess Kit

Australian army Vietnam War era Mess Tins DixiesMess Kit

Swiss Army Storm Cooker META 50 Review........................... Video

Swiss Army Meta cooker Meta 50 - Schweizer Armee Meta Kocher Meta 50Mess Kit

German Army Canteen 3 piece set ReviewMess Kit, -----------(Video)

Serbian Military Mess Kit and Canteen Review.Mess Kit, Video

Swiss Army Emergency Cooker M - 71 ​​ - Notkocher 71 der Schweizer ArmeeMess Kit

Chinese Army New Field Cookware and Water Purifier - 水器和野炊具Mess Kit

M-1942 Mountain Cook Set

French Army Mess Kit M 52 - Gamelle Armée française M 52Mess Kit

French Army mess Kit M35 - Gamelle M35 Armée FrançaiseMess Kit

Polish Army Mess Kit - Menażka WojskowaMess Kit

Czechoslovak Army Mess Kit - ČSLA EšusMess Kit

Swedish Army Jägarkök Mess Kit - Jägarkök Sv. FörsvaretMess Kit

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Mess KitMess Kit

Norwegian miltary Messkit / Cookware - Norsk Miltær KokekarMess Kit

South Korean Army ROKA Mess Kit - 구형 반합Mess Kit

Swedish Army Trangia Set - Enmanskök (Kokkärl M40 / M44 )Mess Kit

Swiss Army Mess Kit - Schweizer Armee KochgeschirrMess Kit

German Army mess Tin/ Kit - Kochgeschirr BundeswehrMess Kit


Yugoslav People's Army (YPA) Mess Kit - Porcija JNAMess Kit

Soviet Army Combined Mess Kit - Котелок комбинированныйMess Kit

SADF Dixies and Pikstel – Eating Utensil’s............................ ( Video )

Slovak Army Aluminium Mess Kit

Self-Defense Officer Forces Cooking Utensils

Japanese Self-Defense Forces type 2 mess kit


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