Saturday, October 19, 2019

Mojo 320 Combat Life Saver Bag - Empty

Includes Shoulder Strap plus fanny pack system with Velcro First Aid Patch

The Mojo 320 Combat Lifesaver Aid Bag has a wide, removable padded waist strap allowing it to be carried as a lower backpack, as well as a detachable sling strap for grab-and-go over the shoulder carry. The bag has a top zipper panel for full view and quick access to the components that mirror the USAMMA approved 2009 Combat Lifesaver packing list. The ergonomic bag contains components to treat multiple casualties at point of injury for a warfighter with Combat Lifesaver training and skill level.

The Mojo 320 CLS Bag was designed to bridge the gap between first aid and advanced trauma aid. It incorporates features that allow the non-medic soldier or Tactical First Responder (TFR) rapid access to critical lifesaving supplies while performing trauma aid prior to advanced medical care arrival. It has a Sling Strap for wearing over the shoulder and a wide waist strap for comfortable wear either as a lower backpack or side/front medical bag. The CLS Kit has a full-opening top zipper panel allowing the care provider to view bag contents while performing resuscitative care and comes standard with the pre-approved military packing list of medical supplies to manage multiple casualties and treat life threatening hemorrhage. The main compartment features Multi-Loop retainers for user configurability. Like all Mojo Medical Kits, this bag is Berry Amendment compliant and meets Trade Agreement requirements.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

British Army MTP Other Arms Rucksack

Rucksack (Other Arms) MTP IRR
NSN : 8465-99-362-6924

South African Army Pattern 1970 R1 Rifle Bayonet Frog

SADF R1 Rifle Bayonet Frog

Olive green web belt frog used with the Pattern 1970 web equipment. Used for carrying the M1, R1, and S1 bayonets.

The frog slips over the equipment belt and is secured with a glove fastener facing the inside of the frog's belt loop. This equipment was used during the 1970s and 1980s.

The frog measures 6.50 in. (165 mm.) long by 1.50 in. (38 mm.) wide. The distinctive frog stud opening is heavily overstitched.