Friday, February 24, 2017

London Bridge Trading Backpacks / Rucksacks

Item Description Year

LBT-1476A  3 Day Assault Back Pack

LBT-1476A LBT-1476A
Standard Three Day Assault Pack

LBT-1476A Standard Three Day Assault Pack

LBT-1475J 3 Day Assault Back Pack

LBT-1547A 3 Day Assault Jumpable Ranger Backpack
OD Green
LBT-1572Q TACP USAF Jumpable Backpack
Tactical Air Control Party (TACP)

LBT-1572Q Advanced LBT Radio Operator Jumpable
STATIC & MFF Backpack

LBT-1728A Jumpable Devil Radio Backpack (82AB)
Tactical jumpable radio assault backpack coyote

LBT-1728JEnhanced Comms Ruck w / MOLLE Backpack
Assault Radio Backpack

LBT-1749B Ten Pocket Ruck with Suspension System
Backpack RECEE / Ruck Army (SOTF)

LBT-2165  Geronimo Training Opfor Backpack 2001
LBT-2331A Breacher Pack
Backpack GMI Entry Folding Tools

LBT-2595B  5 Day Jumpable Backpack
No Idration Bladder

Backpack, Extended Day Ruck
Three Day Light Backpack Woodland
LBT-2595D Three Day Light Backpack Coyote
LBT-2649B  Spine Modular Assault Pack Multicam
To be utilized in conjunction with the
1961AR Chest Rig

LBT-2649B Medium Hydration Backpack Coyote  Hydration
LBT-2657 KIT Eight Pocket
Light Backpack Kit

LBT-8000A GO Pack
LBT-9031A  Multi Mission Pack ABU Pattern 
LBT-9031B  Mortar Pack, AOR2
M224 60MM Mortar Components / Rounds

LBT-9039A  Modular Assault Pack Multicam 

Table Cell

LBT-0101C - LIPP Light Infantry Pack Multicam

LBT-London Bridge Special Operations Pack Silver Label 1991

LBT-0990 Spec Ops Back Pack

LBT-0996A Tactical EOD Backpack

LBT-1830A Medium Commercial Backpack

London Bridge LBT-2595C Backpack, Extended Day Ruck

Backpack, Extended Day Ruck
LBT-2595C Coyote Tan 

Extended Day RuckBackpack,
Four Day Extended Mission,
With Hydration Bladder

General Features

  • 2700 cubic inch capacity
  • 2350 cubic inches in main compartment for equipment and gear storage
  • Hydration System compatible up to 3L
  • Comfortable Suspension System with weight transfer and adjustment straps keeps load stable during movement
  • Internal Padded Frame Support System
  • Full clamshell opening for easy access
  • Interior tie-down straps and exterior compression straps hold gear securely
  • Interior Mesh Pouches
  • Padded Adjustable Waist Strap
  • Reinforced Triple Drag handles
  • Modular webbing on outside of pack for additional attachment points
  • External pouches to compartmentalize load
  • Side zipper access to hydration compartment
  • Main body: 21.5L x 18W x 6.5H
  • Outer top compartment: 12L x 2 1/2W x 15H
  • Outer bottom compartment: 12L x 3W x 6H
  • External Side Pouches: 4 1/2L x 2W x 8 1/2H
  • External Flat Pocket: 6L x 4W x 11H
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs

Eagle Industries Utility Pouch V.2 Khaki

Utility Pouch V.2

NSN : 8465-01-573-9628

Eagle Industries Utility Pouch 935 Khaki

Utility Pouch

NSN : 8415-01-519-5239

Eagle Ind 300rd Linked 7.62 Feeder Bag V.2 Khaki

Eagle Ind 300rd Linked 7.62 Feeder Bag V.2