Saturday, May 21, 2016

USIA Shoot Through Weapons Dry Bag Small

NSN: 4220-01-456-0996

You are looking at a USIA Shoot Through Black Waterproof Weapons Bag. This piece looks to be new, it doesn't look to have been used much if at all. It was likely issued out and thrown in a gear bag to never be used again. This is a very cool piece, and has lots of awesome feature. It has 2 tension straps, shoot through cone, and built in glove. This allows you to manipulate whatever weapon is inside the bag. Will accommodate standard 5.56 carbine or 9mm subgun sized weapons.

  • Model: Waterproof Weapons Container (Small)
  • Model Number: USIASYS3000SW
  • Measurements: 32 x 5 x 15.
  • 2 Tension straps. Will accommodate M4, MP5 and
  • CAR15. Shoot-through bag.
  • NSN 4220-01-456-0996

USIA Waterproof Recon Sniper Bag


The USIA Waterproof Recon Sniper Bag is a specially designed bag by the United States Marine Corp. This bag comes equipped with a YKK air-gas-water-tight zipper, low pression inflator and over pressurization valve and weight pockets; neoprene liner. The weight pockets allow the the bag to be easily submersed underwater.

All USIA Waterproof Dry Bags come standard with a YKK MIL SPEC AIR-GAS-WATER Tight Zipper. The Oral Inflator allows for buoyancy control and it also has inner liner bag for extra protection. Manufactured from 400D Poly Urethane backed Nylon with 1000D Cordura overlays .USIA Dry Bag Systems are compatible for sandy, windy environments as well and for keeping out contaminates.

  • Deflation Valve
  • Weight Pocket
  • Weight Dump System (USIA-WDS)
  • Low Pressure Inflator
  • Over Pressurization Valve
  • MOLLE Web loops
  • Custom Colors
  • Camouflage Patterns
  • Decontamination Fabrics are available. 

    • Measures: 50" x 4.5" x 14"
    • Holds a full drag bag
    • Weight : 5.00 lbs
    • Holds full drag bag. 3 compression straps and car-rying handle.

    Friday, May 20, 2016

    London Bridge LBT-2645C 3/M4-2 Insert w/ Bungee Coyote Tan

    3/M4-2 Insert w/ Bungee Retention 


    General Features: 

    • Magazine pouch for M16/M4 Carbine 30 round Magazines
    • Fits on inside pouch of plate carriers and chest rigs, specific for LBT-6094A
    • Choose between three and six magazine carry
    • Magazines are secured in place by bungee retention with quick pull tabs for ease of access
    • Overall Size: 5 1/2 L x 8 W x 1/4 H
    • Weight: 0.15 lbs
    • ** Coyote Tan is changing to Tan 499

    Thursday, May 19, 2016

    LBT-2645G Kangaroo Insert M4/9mm/Handcuff/Flashlight Insert with retention

    LBT-2645G Ranger Green

    M4/9mm/Handcuff/Flashlight Insert with retention

    General Features

    • Insert pouch for LBT-6094 series of plate carriers
    • (1) M4 magazine, (1) 9mm magazine, (1) Handcuffs, (1) Flashlight pocket
    • S&S Precision Pull Tab bungee retention for secure stowage
    • Hook and loop attachment
    • Fits inside front pocket of LBT-6094 series of plate carriers 
    • Available in Ranger Green and Black