Monday, April 21, 2014

Danish Army / Defence Sleeping Bag M98

Militær sovepose
HMAK Sovepose M98

The bag is designed in Hollow fibers and suitable down to minus 20C. Olive green in color and with strong zipper - all in super high quality developed for the defense of the Army Matriel Command. The predecessor to this sleeping bag was used for 53 years - it may say little about the quality.

Weight 2,400 grams
64 g/m2 nylon
66 rip-stop fabric
Hollow fiber 400 g/m2
Down to-20C
2-way zipper
Measure digested widest 160 cm - Height 210 cm

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US Army Light-Stick No 2105-4 Justrite MFG. CO.

Justrite 4 Cell "Light-Stick" 

The lightstick takes D batteries. The front says Light-Stick No 2105-4 Justrite MFG. CO. Made In USA. Light-Stick also comes with a belt clip, a bottom loop clip to hang it up as a lantern or an overhead light, & a maneuverable flashlight. The flashlight part can be moved north & south to adjust it to your liking. Also has a small clip on the inside to hold an extra bulb. Has an on & off switch underneath the flashlight.


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Sunday, April 20, 2014

European Military Flashlights

Norwegian Army Flashlight
Norwegian Army Flashlight - Norsk militær lykt

Swedish JEAB Flashlight
Swedish  Flashlight Ficklampa 3

Finish Army Flashlight 60s

Danish Army Flashlight

French Army Headlamp



Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus

Poland - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Hungary *

Polish Army Signal Flashlight

Czech Army Flashlight Signal Lamp My Day

Ireland - United Kindom
British Army Personal Combat Torch

British Army Nitech Tricolor Signal Torch - PCT (Personal Combat Torch)

Andorra , San marino, Vaticano , Liechtenstein , Luxembourg , Monaco

Germany , Switzerland , Austria*

German Army Metal Varta 1978 Flashlight
German Army Flashlight
Swiss Military Flashlight Model 26 ---

Italy - Spain - Portugal*
Spanish Army Signal Flashlight

Slovenia - Croatia - Bosnia Herzegovina - Serbia

Albania - Macedonia - Greece - Montenegro

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Complete LBT-9022B-T Medical Kit


Thanks to : kyledefoor

One of the coolest kit advancements I've seen in a long time is this med pouch. I wear mine in the small of the back of the plate carrier.

Reach back with one hand, grab the secured quick release tab...

..give it a pull, and here comes your blowout kit.

General Features
Small Blow-out Pouch
Aircraft Cable Quick Release Strap
Modular Webbing
Tuck Tabs
Holds CMS Kit, (MOJO-000)

Complete LBT-9022 Medical Kit w/ quick release pull tab. 
Can be belt mounted or MOLLE mounted.
Comes with Chinook Medical custom medical insert.

2) Nitrile Gloves, Large - blk 
1) Quick Clot Combat Gauze Z-Fold 
1) Gauze S-Rolled 
1) Israeli Bandage 4" 
1) HALO Chest Seal 
1) Naso Airway w/ Lube 
1) Elastic Bandage 4" 
1) TCCC card and pencil

Overall Dimensions
5.5L x 9W x .5H
Weight: 0.195 lbs

Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU)

The Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU) was an American arid-environment camouflage battle uniform that was used by theUnited States Armed Forces from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, most notably during the Persian Gulf War. Although the U.S. military has since abandoned the pattern, it is still in widespread use by militaries across the world as of the early 2010s.

1990: last known production for this camouflage before his replacement by 3 colors DCU

Jackets are made by "American Apparel, Co.". Contract number is DLA100-90-D-0584. They are made of 50% Cotton 50% Nylon, in a Twill material. They have an Elvis collar. But they have no reinforced elbows, no inside liner in the upper back and no waist tab. Their label is tan/brown.

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