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Webbing / Load Carrying Systems
Load carriage is an inevitable part of military life both during training and operations.In the military, load is carried in a backpack and webbing, these combined form a load carriage system (LCS). Loads carried are frequently as high as 60% bodyweight .

Load carriage systems (LCS) have been used by soldiers to carry equipment since the advent of warfare. The LCS used today by soldiers from the majority of nations have their origins in the necessity to early specialist military equipment, such as different types of weaponry, communication equipment, sensor systems, ammunition and personal survival equipment. LCS comes in many forms to adapt to the variety of environments, military tasks and equipment it must carry, such as:

• Chest rigs

• Waistcoats / Assault vests

• Belt orders

• Rucksacks

LCS provides a critical capability within all soldier systems. LCS by their nature must interface with their human users to enable mission critical tasks. For example, access to ammunition must be straightforward to allow quick reloading while lying prone, kneeling or standing to enable soldier survival and enemy neutralisation in battle. Civilian LCS, although it can be subjected to climatic extremes by explorers and mountaineers, is generally designed for use in a more benign environment in that the user will not be directly involved in combat activities. An added challenge is for LCS to be effective for the variety of soldiers who use it. Civilian users of LCS can usually select different equipment for different environments by exercising consumer choice. Soldiers, by comparison, will not be able to exercise the same choice in that they, usually, must use equipment issued to them.


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