Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rhodesian Fireforce Vest - Fereday and Sons

Rhodesian Fireforce Vest (Fereday)

Fereday and Sons of Sailsbury, in the former Rhodesia, was the premier maker of tactical equipment to the Rhodesian security forces during the bush war.

Due to the short comings with the standard issue webbing the Rhodesian forces began tailoring their own belts as well as taking the better constructed Warsaw Pact chest rigs of dead terrorists. Or buying from ferreday and sons in Sailsbury Rhodesia.

The Rhodesian forces had a lot of freedom when it came to equipment and clothing in the bush. Hence the bush shorts and gym shoes.

The load usually carried on a fire force mission was generally suited to carrying ammunition and water for short fire fights with quick supporter from aviation assents.

Fereday and Sons Rhodesian combat vest manufactured in Salisbury, Rhodesia circa 1970s.Vest shows usual signs of combat wear and tear and has a few period repairs. Owner name and regimental number written on top back pack (sorry, no research conducted into history) along with the name 'Mitch' faintly with pen on the inner.

Top back back pouch has a square hole cut in it which I believe was used to accomodate a radio antenna. Made up of 6x FN magazine pouches and 2x water bottle pouches on front and sides and two utility pouches on rear with bag roll straps. No size displayed, but I would estimate it to be a size medium.

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