Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Spanish Army Combat Medical Bag - Fanny Pack

Medical Fanny Pack

Thanks to its unique design and its quick opening system, it offers the possibility of attending to the wounded person who is lying on the battlefield, in a close manner and manipulating the instruments at all times as if it were an operating room table. It has a MOLLE belt system on its back panel that allows it to be anchored to any other element of the combatant that has this system (backpack, belt, vest, peco, etc.). 

On the outside, it also has a case to accommodate the clothes shears safely, thanks to its clip-type closure. In the interior lid has elastic bands of different sizes to accommodate different consumable material, plus a flat zip pocket to accommodate bandages, gauze, etc.

In its main internal body, it has 11 elastic bands of great capacity, besides a diaphanous central body to contain diverse material. Its main characteristics are: non-slip rubber grip straps, reversed zippers and fast opening strap system, leg-shaped grip system, belt-grip system, available in Black and Camouflage, internal flat pocket, Quick opening with velcro closure, elastic bands for instruments, diaphanous interior space with elastic bands, compartment for scissors cuts clothes. 

Material : 500D Cordura. 
Measures : 28 x 15 x 13 cm - Vol: 5.46 L. 
Weight : 0.88 Kg. 
Color : Green camouflage

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