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Ranger Body Armor SPV-R Supreme Protector Vest - 3rd Model

SPV-R Supreme Protector Vest-Ranger
Size : Small
Date : Dec 1997
Ranger Body Armor SPV-R 3rd Model

Soft body inserts are PS-930 by Protective Materials Company, the other supplier of the Ranger Body Armor.

The name "SPV-R" refers to the producer. The producer is "Supreme Protector" Vest (SPV).

This would change the Ranger Body Armor following the experience of Somalia. The main change is the front plate is reduced in size (because too heavy before). There are 3 times that represent the elastic cummerbund. The elastics are black, but it appears that this varies with manufacturers.

Posted 05 January 2010 

We were issued Ranger Body Armor (RBA) in 1992 (model 1 in the post) at 1st Ranger Battalion right after the 'Iris Gold'/Desert Storm trip by Bravo Company, 1st Ranger Bn...In 1994, we played with some of the velcro magazine holders to attach to the front of the Level III shock plate....they were quickly tossed aside; because we were still required to wear the Loud BEaring Equipment (LBE). Kinda a waste of effort to have two places to store magazines...most of us would tuck our shirts in and after we were done shooting a mag; would would drop it behind our shirt and vest.

Around 1995/1996--as a team leader/squad leader we were offered to add an additional shock plate to the back holder (model 2 in the post). The idea was that with younger rangers coming into battalion; you could potentially see an accidental discharge to the was the team leader/squad leader decision to wear or not wear. I wore mine on a couple raids; but it added an addional 10lbs to the load...and besides I trusted the members of my team and squad.

Around 2000/2001 model 3 become standard issue...Hope this helps piece it together.

Prior to September 2001--I remember you could purchase RBA through Ranger Joe's catalog for around $250-400...
Just some thoughts. 

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