Wednesday, May 10, 2017

T3 Trident US Navy EOD Combat Molle Kit Multicam


T3 Navy EOD Combat Molly Kit includes the following items in the kit:

Num Description  Part 

8x T3 M4 Single Shingle Mag Pouch T3-M4SSMP
4x T3 Pistol Single Mag Pouch T3-PSMP 
4x T3 Magnet M4 Single Mag Pouch T3-MM4SMP 
1x T3 Standard Medical Pouch T3-SMP 
1x T3 Horizontal Utility Pouch Large T3-HUP-LG 
1x T3 Hydration Utility Back Pack T3-HUBP 
1x T3 Adjustable PRC152 Pouch T3-AP152P
1x T3 Adjustable MBTR Pouch T3-AMBTRP 
3x T3 Single Frag Grenade Pouch T3-SFGP
2x T3 Smoke Grenade Frag Pouch T3-SGP 
1x T3 Dump Pouch LargeT3-DP-LG 
1x T3 Admin Pouch T3-AP 
2x T3 Side Armor MOLLE Pouch T3-SAMP 
1x T3 Saw Drum Pouch T3-SDP200D 
1x T3 Fortex GPS Gen 2 Pouch T3-FGPSAG2 
1x T3 Flashlight Pouch T3-FP 
1x T3 Metal Detector Pouch T3-MDP 
1x T3 Slick Molle SpearChest Rig 
1x T3 Padded Belt Sleeve T3-PBS~LG 
1x T3 Low Profile Suspenders T3-LPS 
1x T3 Tora Bora Pack T3-TBBP 
1x T3 Upright Utility Pouch Large T3-UUP-LG 
1x T3 Reload Hydration Carrier and 
Removable Back Pack

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