Friday, May 12, 2017

First Spear Low Vis Sleeper Vest

The Sleeper™

First Spear Sleeper Low Vis 
SPEAR BALCS Armor Carrier

The Sleeper™, a stay behind asset or less visible alternative to more overt styles of tactical vests? The Sleeper™ is designed to wear over or under garments and can be worn alone or in conjunction with the FirstSpear™ OAGRE™, SICR™, or Beat Up™. For rapidly changing mission sets the Beat Up™ Plate Carrier integrates directly onto the Sleeper™ and upgrades it to a full functioning tactical vest that accepts multiple accessory options. This capability allows the User to have two separate stand-alone capabilities that function together and not only reduce the overall weight of the equipment on their back but reduce logistical deployment volume.

Fits Soft Armor cut to the shape requirements specified for US SOCOM SPEAR BALCS and Hard Armor plates cut to SAPI/ESAPI/SPEAR and Swimmer in the corresponding soft armor size, ie. Medium Plate and Medium Soft Armor fit a Medium Sleeper™.

Designed in conjunction with Crye Precision™.

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